Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tis A Good Week For Texas ITA Teams

The men's national team rankings came out this week--and it looks great for Texas teams!

Baylor, Texas, and Texas A&M are in the top 10.  Congratulations!

Men's National Team Rankings 
Administered by the ITA
NCAA Division I Tennis
February 24, 2015
RankAvgSchoolPrevious Week
185.56University of Southern California2
283.02University of Oklahoma1
376.77University of Illinois6
470.93Duke University7
568.58Baylor University5
663.83University of Texas10
762.86University of Georgia3
855.00Ohio State University9
954.20Texas A&M University13
1053.42University of Mississippi15
1152.88University of Virginia4
1252.58Wake Forest University19
1351.98Columbia University11
1445.31University of Notre Dame17
1640.59Vanderbilt University23
1740.02University of Florida16
1934.68North Carolina8
2032.71Northwestern University26
2231.30Harvard University25
2330.92Princeton University50
2430.79University of South Florida24
2529.64Oklahoma State University32
2626.37Florida State University31
2726.19North Carolina State28
2826.12Auburn UniversityT-35
2925.50Drake University41
3025.40University of San Diego37
3125.23Louisiana State University40
3224.88Texas Tech University38
3324.12University of Minnesota34
3423.29University of South Carolina21
3522.95Virginia Tech33
3622.23Indiana University-Bloomington44
3721.61Stanford University39
3819.59University of Louisville42
3917.51Penn State University27
4016.55University of Denver62
4116.38Mississippi State University30
4215.40University of Memphis22
4314.83University of Oregon45
4414.80University of Pennsylvania52
4512.62University of New Mexico63
4612.38Clemson UniversityT-35
4712.35University of South Alabama69
4812.14University of Washington53
4912.11Brown University61
5011.47Dartmouth College47
5110.75University of Tulsa43
5210.46University of Michigan46
549.48San Diego State UniversityNR
559.43University of North Florida67
569.29University of Tennessee20
578.90University of IowaNR
588.63Cornell University64
598.30Old Dominion University68
607.94UC IrvineT-75
617.58University of Nebraska66
627.08Tulane University51
646.40UC DavisT-70
656.11DePaul UniversityNR
666.09Santa Clara University65
676.03University of Arkansas56
685.65Western Michigan UniversityNR
695.52Virginia Commonwealth University58
715.26Cal PolyNR
725.20Boise State University57
735.08University of Utah59
744.85St. John's University73
754.73University of LouisianaNR