Wednesday, June 13, 2018

How Would You Rule--Women's DI Bathroom Break...

Page 16 of the ITA official rule book says, "If a player (female DI player) asks to use the bathroom during a time other than changeover or set break and if that player chooses to use the bathroom, this is treated as the player's one medical timeout.  If a player uses a bathroom break at a changeover, set break, or as a medical timeout and returns late from that changeover, set break or medical timeout, returning late results in Time Violation penalties until the player is ready to play."


Player A (in a women's DI dual match) asks for a bathroom break in the middle of a game--and they have already taken their medical timeout.  What do you do???

1.  Nothing.  Just let her go and be glad she asked. 
2.  Let her go and treat it the same as if she had gone on a changeover or set break and penalize her with time violation penalties.
3.  It becomes a code violation and should be treated that way.  

Another question...  If it becomes a code violation so you issue a code every 20 seconds or just what do you do???

REMEMBER:  The player has already used their MTO.