Tuesday, March 06, 2018

How Would You Rule? This Is A Good One!

We frequently get questions about "How would you rule?" in different scenarios and circumstances but this one is one of the best...


In a women's USTA match/tournament with no trainers on site, one of the ladies (who also was an experienced USTA official) asked for an Medical Time Out.  The newly certified rover asked if there was anyone there to treat her--she said no.  The rover then told her she had 3 minutes to treat herself and started his stopwatch.  She said she wanted time to "self-evalute" her issue and the rover told her that extra time for self-evaluation is not allowed and showed her FAC Table 13 (page 98).  She followed his ruling without involving the head referee.

Did the rover make the correct ruling?  Have you ever heard of time for "self-evaluation"?

One official said you get 15 minutes for a medical time out so that means she gets 12 minutes to self-evaluate and three to treat...  Interesting!

Side note:  Table 13 under "who may treat" states "any person whom the player selects".  In this case would it be alright for her to ask a friend to come out of the stands to treat her?  However, there would be no evaluation time unless the friend is a qualified medical person.  

How would you rule???


Rick said...

15 minutes is total time allowed if a player is waiting for a trainer or supplies, or to stop bleeding. Not the case here. If somebody was available to evaluate then two minutes for evaluation,and 3 minutes treatment. I don't believe self evaluation is legitimate (you really need to ask yourself where it hurts!)

So I'd allow the player a 3 minute medical timeout, and start a tight clock.

AR Hacked Off said...

easy no self-evaluation, for crying out loud you asked for medical to work on yourself.
Won't even comment on the 15 min medical timeout, assume it was not a bleeding timeout.

Marta Hotz said...

Many years ago at sectionals, a similar thing happened. Whether it was correct or not, the captain of the team had the necessary supplies to treat the twisted ankle, so was allowed to go out with the tape, and the official allowed 3 minutes to treat at the time the captain touched the player. I would think that as soon as the player begins to treat her own injury, the 3 minutes will begin. Of course the official cannot allow the player to just sit and catch their breath. The official can make that decision.

Maria Hurt said...

I do believe if someone asked me for 'self evaluation' time, I would have to seriously bite my tongue to avoid some rather sarcastic response. So, for self treatment, once any necessary supplies are brought to the court, the maxiumum treatment time is 3 minutes.